Leaky Gut Treatment – Nourish Your Gut

Leaky gut treatment – Nourish your Gut

Leaky gut can be one of the most challenging problem this day. It’s rapidly growing condition affects millions of people who are struggling with and don’t even know it. Some of us might be think that leaky gut syndrome only onslaught our digestive system, but in reality it can lead to many other health conditions.

According to research, the cause of low energy, joint pain, food allergies, depression, autoimmune disease, and irritable bowel syndrome could be a leaky gut symptoms progression. Please refer to this post below:

5 Sign You Have A Leaky Gut Symptoms

It is important to place emphasis on nourishing your body if you suffer from leaky gut. We often find that one thing that holding most people back from healing their leaky gut is they are not willing to make the necessary change on their lifestyle. In reality, this is nothing more than a mental obstacle that you yourself must overcome.

leaky gut treatment

It can be start with small step such as slowly removing the problem foods from your diet. Secondly by supplying your gut with all the nutrients that it needs, to repair the cells that line your intestinal wall. But it easier to said than done.

When our digestive tract becomes affected by leaky gut, then our ability to digest and absorb nutrients is greatly reduced. So, the first step in this leaky gut treatment is how to manage your diet. What should you eat to nourishing your gut. Below is 4 helpful tips how to help you get the most out of your food.

  1. Cook your vegetables

Many people said that raw vegetables contain natural enzymes to help digestion right? That was partially correct. And they also said that cooking vegetables lead to loss nutrient due to heating process. And again, that was also partially correct.

The issue is not how many nutrients left on the vegetables, but how many of those nutrients can be absorb by our digestive tract. Raw vegetables are very difficult to digest (and if they aren’t absorbed, they’re excreted) thus there are far less suitable for people who has leaky gut.

Another good option is fermented vegetables. It contain organic acid that balance intestinal pH and support the gut. Kimchi, kvass and sauerkraut are excellent sources for leaky gut treatment.

  1. Make Bone Broths

We need plenty of minerals for strong bones. Properly made bone broth would naturally be loaded with minerals. This is because high mineral content has been pulling out of the bones into the broth. In fact, it is loaded with plenty of other beneficial nutrients such as collagen, amino acids proline and glycine that can help heal your damage cell walls.

  1. Add meat into your diet

Other than vegetables, meat is a healthy choice that we recommend. But make sure the meat is from grass-fed or pasture-raised preferably organic. Because met from grass-fed animals (bison, beef, goat or lamb) contain omega-3 fatty acids, which is great at reducing gut irritation.

Per volume, meat is far more nutrient than vegetables. And there are a lot of nutrient that found in meat can’t be obtained from vegetables because they are fat soluble and require fat for proper absorption. So make sure to balance both!

  1. Avoid nutrient block food

Some food actually block the nutrient been absorb when you eat them. As an example, food that contain Phytic Acid which is can be found in legumes, seed, hulls of grains and nuts (got a few more). This Phytic Acid literally bind itself to minerals within the digestive tract and prevent our body from absorbing them.

This is why proper preparation is needed to cook these food, because to minimize the amount of Phytic Acid present. But rest assured that almost 99% of grain are not properly prepared which is a reason for you to avoid them.


It should be no surprise that most every person who are suffer from leaky gut syndrome did not get necessary nutrients from their diet. We hope this simple tips can help shed some light on your way to nourishing your leaky gut. The most important thing is you need to start and set your goals to becomes better.

And also here the simple startup plan how to heal your leaky gut.

  1. REMOVE possible foods and factor that damage your gut
  2. REPLACE with healing/nutrients food
  3. REPAIR with specific diet/exercise/supplements
  4. REBALANCE with healthy lifestyle

We will discuss more on each point on other blog post also. Please always check our blog and post for more info about leaky gut. Hope you can follow the tips above and on your way to successfully treating your gut for good.

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