Leaky Gut Diet Plan – Food Treatment

Leaky Gut Diet Plan – Food Treatment

If you have a leaky gut syndrome maybe this is the topic that you need to pay attention. Because most of us have a problem about food allergies. Which  type of food that good for us, and what type of food that we need to avoid.

So basically this is a few type of food that good for our gut:


1. Bone broths

Bone broth naturally loaded with mineral such as collagen, amino acid proline and glycine that can help healing intestinal permeability (leaky gut). Collagen also help reduces inflammation in our intestinal lining. It’s also easy to digest and reap the benefits of the protein and minerals by a damaged gut.

Some expert suggest that we can make bone broth using whole organic chicken, fish bones (including fish head), whole fish or beef bones. You are also can add easily digestible vegetables such as carrots and zucchini into the pot.

2. Fermented vegetables

Fermented vegetables good because its contain organic acid that balance intestinal pH and support our gut. Fermented food is some of the best chelators available. It is a very potent detoxifiers which are capable of drawing out a wide range of toxins and heavy metal such as aluminum, lead, arsenate, mercury and anything else toxic.

3. Saturated fat

Saturated fat is important for our gut health. It is necessary for proper immune function, brain development and nervous system. It’s also required precursor to our hormone production such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and even vitamin D.

Moreover, it is required for healing and maintaining a healthy digestive tract. But it must come with condition, how much fat do you need actually? Type and determining on how much fat you need in your diet will be discuss more in Leaky Gut Cure.

As an example;

Eat: High quality, pastured, non-medicated, organic eggs, poultry, dairy, and meat.

Not: Processed meats with added preservatives and chemicals.

4. Quality source of protein

It is very important to eat adequate protein in our meal. There is a lot of protein source such as chicken, eggs, fish, turkey, lamb and beef. And the quality must be organic, range-free, hormone-free and grass feed. Avoid using processed and packaged meat.

You can read more about,

Leaky Gut Treatment – Nourish Your Gut

In your leaky gut diet plan, this is type of food that you should avoid:

1. Wheat

Wheat and wheat gluten is one of the most common food allergies. For example, one type of gluten found in wheat is called Gliadin. It is said to be responsible for causing food allergy and inflammation for those who are sensitive to wheat.

Other than that, gluten also will produced zonulin which is can directly impact the intestinal lining. Based on study, zonulin is a protein that directly causes leaky gut. Zonulin work as a gatekeeper in the intestine and also in the blood brain barrier. Read more about gluten and zonulin.

Credit: Leaky Gut Cure

2. Soy

Phytates (and phytic acid) are antioxidant compounds found in soy. It can block the absorption of other minerals in our gut. They can bind to a certain minerals like zinc, iron, and to a lesser extent calcium and slow their absorption. But, phytates should not be an issue as long as you’re eating a balanced diet.

In fact, toxin in soy can damage our digestive tract lining. The damage will allows larger proteins to enter the blood stream which can provoke allergic reactions that lead to severe food allergies.

3. Dairy

Medical experts still do not understand all the mechanism through which dairy products can create leaky gut. But according to some research, it is highly inflammatory. Dairy can cause inflammation in digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, gas and diarrhea.

According to Dr. Amy Myers MD, there are two components of dairy that cause issue for people. It is the sugar and the proteins. People who are lactose intolerant do not produce lactase enzyme, which is required to break down a sugar in milk. If this happen, it will causing digestive issue whenever they consume dairy product.

4. Alcohol

One big problem from alcohol is they can stop us from digesting our food properly. It is because alcohol decrease the secretion of digestive enzymes from our pancreas. This enzymes used to breakdown our food and nutrients. If nutrient are not absorb, it will lead us to intestinal damage aka leaky gut.

Alcohol stress the body from both physiology and psychology perspective. It is also reduce the production of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are known to help moderate inflammation. If you have a leaky gut please avoid alcohol.

Healing leaky gut is not a one night job. You need to find effective way to reduce or eliminate food allergies. With a proper leaky gut diet plan, we can help our gut become healthy again.

If you are interested to heal your leaky gut without spending hundred or thousand of your money in conventional treatment, maybe you can consider natural leaky gut treatment. It will start with changing your lifestyle, avoid food that not good to your gut and many mores.

We are sharing this treatment because its already help so many people that suffers from leaky gut. For more info you can go to —> Leaky Gut Cure

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